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Dwell Property Group invest in projects that are ethical, manageable, flexible and well funded, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and profitability, both of which are essential to ensure continuity.

The business model is able to effectively capitalise on opportunities created by stable, dynamic and even volatile market conditions.

Between 2007 and 2021, The Dwell Property Group grew stronger than ever, expanding activities, consistently adding value, in a way that is demonstrably sustainable.

The management team, which includes legal, technical, professional and marketing specialists, with a wealth of experience in a variety of UK and international businesses, has a particular and proven ability to problem solve, resulting in the acquisition of many partially built projects, where developers were struggling, often with costly legal or technical issues and their investor needed an exit strategy, in order to avoid heavy losses.

One such project involved the regeneration of a town in the Northwest, where Dwell transformed a large city centre site from an abandoned eyesore to a stunning, prestigious mixed use development.

Funds are available, decisions are fast and we have a reputation for reliable delivery, so if you have a site suitable for residential redevelopment or renovation, please contact us.

Dwell Developments Limited provide quality homes for discerning buyers. They are spacious, energy efficient, built to maximise enjoyment, offer value for money and protect long term values.

Dwell Lettings Limited provide quality homes for discerning tenants. Like the homes we sell, they are spacious, energy efficient, built to maximise enjoyment, offer value for money and managed by an efficient, caring support team.

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